Sunday, June 14, 2009

Two days in Sedona

We spent two days in Sedona and are now thinking of trading our timeshare for something there.  We loved the quaintness of the community, the great restaurants and the fantastic view.  First we had a good hotel, Sedona Inn and Suites where we met a wonderful concierge when we checked in and she pointed us to the things to see that afternoon.    We went to Cathedral park to get a good look at Cathedral Rock and spent sundown at the Sedona Airport with lots of people overlooking Sedona while the sun set.  The red rock formations in around Sedona are mesmerizing and I am sure we took at least 500 pictures over the two days.  We found several wonderful restaurants and of course Judy had to shop in the quaint shops for souvenirs. We will look forward to our next visit to Sedona with great enthusiasm.  

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