Friday, September 23, 2011

Sept. 22 – Greenland

Arriving at Greenland and the first thing you see is an iceberg and a pretty small town. This is our only tender port. Diane and Maria decided to stay onboard and so Dan, Eileen, Priscilla and I went into town. Priscilla and I headed to the store and after acquiring the hat and lapel pin I wanted, proceeded to wait in line 45 minutes to pay for it. When will I get here again, I kept saying. The store was so crowded and hot but we both managed to survive it. We then roamed around the small town. It reminded me of the small towns in Alaska. The local children performed native dances and played music. I did get some video. The weather was sunny but cool. A couple of hours in town was all we needed and then back on the tender to the ship. I think it was almost lunchtime and dare we miss a meal. I must admit I have been enjoying the food. Besides getting three meals a day, I do try and get to having one scone at tea time (3:30 p.m.) Ran all around the ship in the afternoon to get some shots of the icebergs and the town. Haven’t seen the Northern Lights. I would hope the Captain would make an announcement if they were visible.

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