Sunday, May 10, 2009

Finger Lakes Wineries

Well, we are well into our first road trip of the year, went to Matt's graduation, had dinner with Judy's brother and family on Staten Island and spent time in upstate NY visiting wineries in the Finger Lakes Area. Over three days we visited fifteen wineries and I guess I was surprised over the quality of the wines, not only the Riesling which I expected, but also some fine chardonnays. We tasted several reds as well, although we were not as impressed with those as with the whites, they were still quite good. Some of the wineries we visited were very unique, not only with the outsides but with the decor of the tasting rooms and the names on the wine bottles. Because we were there early in the year, we had no problems finding a place to stay but I would guess later in the year that reservations should be made. We were impressed not only with the wines in the area, but the beauty that existed around Seneca Lake. We would recommend this area to all, not just for the wineries but for the areas beauty.

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