Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Kentucky Horse Park

Today we visited the Kentucky Horse Park and we were amazed. Lexington could almost be a tourist destination because of this Park. The Park has over 50 breeds of horses from all over the world from the the war horses to the miniature ones. We got to pet and photograph Kentucky Derby Winners, Preakness Winners and some of the most famous horses in recent years. Horses are given or loaned to the horse park if their usefulness as a stud horse(because of being guilded or sterility) is no longer viable. Because of that we were able to see Derby winners, sprint winners and and winners of virtually any kind of horse competition in the world. Their are museums of every type, some of them devoted to derby winners. The one to Affirmed, the last triple crown winner is especially interesting because of all if his battles with Alydar. We would recommend a full day here, maybe even two, and make sure to take the Horse farm tour as well, Tickets can be bought at the park. It takes you to working horse farms and is extremely interesting.

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