Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Oslo 9/12/11

Up at 7:45 a.m. to meet everyone for breakfast. I’m not going on an excursion in Oslo as we did an excursion when we were here for the Baltic cruise and saw the highlights. They made an announcement “Over the next 48 hours the wind and seas are expected to worsen as a result of post tropical depression Katia.” We will leave earlier from Oslo, cancel the stop in Kristiansand and go directly to Greenock (Glasgow/Edinburgh) on Wednesday. I walked to the Akerhus Castle, then window shopping on Karl Johansgate road. There were many parks and beautiful fountains. I brought my raincoat (with lining) but the weather was overcast and I carried my coat. I walked to the Royal Palace and saw the Changing of the Guard. As I was walking on the side of the Palace I was approaching a man with a Yankee’s cap on (I thought, Great, An American) and asked him was there anything back there worth seeing. He said with a British accent, the back of the Palace. He then proceeded to show me his picture of the doors on the back of the Palace. I then went and took a picture also. I got back to the ship just in time before it started raining. The prices in Norway are still very high. Their prices are 5 times ours literally. I was looking at anything that was 50 kroner, which would be $10.00. The only thing I could find was a magnet or key chain for $9.00, which I don’t need. Lost at trivia. My team had 14/20 and the winners had 15/20. Dinner was good. The evening show was a guy who billed himself as a Mind Magician (read peoples minds) and a very good singer.

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